Palos Colorados Trail Work

A few of us from The Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay went out to the park to do a small reroute on Palos Colorados (PC). A large pine had came down across Sunset Trail and landed on PC (and Sinawik) not far from the Stone Bridge. Oakland Parks Supervisor, Martin, had cut the trunks back a few days earlier, opening up a new alignment and leaving a ton of logs and debris across the old trail.

The old trail was underneath all this tree canopy and was a large dip into the creek (to the left) straight from this point to Daniel (in the orange).

The new alignment is higher up along the contour of the bank, instead of down in the creek.

The heavy clay soil formed up pretty well as we benched the new trail. Conditions were still a little wet, and the clay sticky, but the trail quickly took shape.


The new alignment keeps people out of the creek and helps slow riders down on the blind turns on each side of the reroute.

We then piled up bay tree branches along the edge of the trail (which we hacked off the bay that come down with the pine) to discourage people from venturing into the creek.